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Work is still ongoing with the paths between Sunnyside and Balloch. There is only a small part still to complete around the entrance to Feabuie. 

The next meeting of the community council is scheduled for Monday the 6th of May at Croy hall. All are welcome to attend.

Croy and
Culloden moor community


The communities of Croy and Culloden moor lie between the village of Nairn and the capital city of the Highlands, Inverness. An area that is steeped in history. 

 It is home to Culloden battlefield. The site of the last great battle that was fought on British soil between the armies of the Jacobite`s that were loyal to prince Charles Edward

Stewart and the government soldiers led by his cousin prince William Augustus, better known to local Highlanders and Scots as butcher Cumberland. On the 16th of April 1746 in a short but bloody battle between 1500 and 2000 Jacobite soldiers loyal to bonnie prince Charlie were either killed or wounded in less than an hour. The Duke of Cumberland was later to be known as the butcher because of the way in which he dealt with the trying to eradicate the Jacobites and the Highlanders that were loyal to the cause. Culloden battlefield is today maintained by the National trust and is well worth a visist if you are in the area. 

 A short distance from the battlefield at Clava is the Clava cairns or Balnaraun of clava. These are circled neolithic burial chambers that date back to the 1200`s.  They are regarded as some of the best preserved bronze age burial cairns in Scotland. 

The village of Croy lies close to several Castles including Kilravock, Dalcross, Castle Stuart and Cawdor. 

Cawdor castle was mentioned in Shakespeares Macbeth and was designed by the same architect that designed Kilravock which is a short distance away. Dalcross Castle is where the Duke of Cumberland was wined and dned on the eve of the battle of Culloden whilst his cousin the bonnie prince was entertained a short distance away at Culloden House. 

The viaduct at sunnyside, known as Culloden viaduct was completed in 1898 and spans a total length of 548 metres accross the valley where the river Nairn runs below. The viaduct is a 28 span and is a total length of 1800 ft which is the longest of it`s type in Scotland.

Loch Flemington to the East of Croy and Culloden Moor is a beautiful location and the loch is a eutrophic loch. It  is home to many birds including swans both whooper and Mute and to
Slovenian greebe. If you are lucky enough you could chance upon a crested newt.

The whole area is steeped in history with much to see and do. It is a great location to base your elf as it allows for easy travel throughout the Highlands and is very close to Inverness airport and the A9. Around us we have much of the beautiful scenery that Scotland is well known for and it is a haven for the outdoor enthusiast of all ages.


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